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Welcome to Penta's Wiki


A Place to share ideas

  • This wiki is used for the Penta Community to share best practices and additional information for the entire community.


How To Guide: - Click here for instructional videos on how to use the Penta wiki 


Table of Contents:

Bell Openers - activities that can be used to engage students at the beginning of class


Career Tech Resources


CTSO - activities that can be used during CTSO meetings


Differentiation - resources and activities that can be used in your class to meet the different learners


20 - 30 minute projects - projects designed to be completed in less than 30 minutes


50 - 60 minute projects - projects designed to be completed in less than 60 minutes


1 - 2 HR projects - projects designed to be completed in less than 2 hours


Formative Assessment - resources, tools, and examples of effective Formative Assessments


For the Fridge - projects that will end up on the home refrigerator


Predicting Practice - samples by department, practicing and preparing for writing SLO's


Presentation ideas - ideas for student presentations


Reading assignments - ideas for engaging your students in reading


Review Activities - examples of activities/games that are used to review content


Sponge (exit) Activities - short/quick assessments for students to be completed in the last few minutes of class


Website References - helpful websites separated by various categories                                  


Writing assignments - strategies for engaging students in writing


Writing Measurable Learning Objectives - strategies and resources to write measurable goals and learning objectives.

Team Building - different team building activities and strategies that you can use in your lab or class


Technology - Technology PLC







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