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Page history last edited by Ryan Lee 8 years, 7 months ago

Marshall Wolf - OK, so "cool" is relative to the person doing it, but vocabulary has NEVER been cooler! 

I found this free site that builds vocabulary.  I created 3 separate logins, one for each class, then I break them down into teams and play vocabulary building games.  Works great for OGT review, ACT/SAT prep or just to help build vocab in students who don't come with great vocabularies to begin with. 

http://www.vocabulary.com/  Also started using a site, http://wiffiti.com/, where I can create a class page, pose questions to the class, and they text their answers to the page.  The first correct answer that pops up gets the question right!  Another way to use this is to do the "note card question" review, but instead of note cards, they can text their questions to the page.

Marshall Wolf - 

I've included several University library sites that reference MLA/APA format for research and a link to Easybib.com





Jane Dorfmeister - When trying to teach students to evaluate sources, and sites, look at some bogus sites like "Dihydrogen Monoxide" or "Save the "Northwest tree Octopus."


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aklever@pentanet.k12.oh.us said

at 10:48 am on May 7, 2012

Here are a few useful links. These are all "fake" websites designed to appear real. Great for showing students how easily they can be tricked on the internet -- some of the sites are very interactive and contain a ton of links and media.

Boilerplate: A Victorian Era Robot

A Complete History of Famous Explorers

The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency - hahaha

These are several lists of additional "fake" websites.



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