1 - 2 HR projects

Marshall Wolf:

Fallen Angels Project & Rubric

fallen angels project.doc

Fallen Angels project rubric.doc

African Country Project & Rubric

Africa Country project rubric.doc 

Africa Country Research Project.doc 

African country research.doc  

Cloning Debate, Judges Scorecard & Rubric

Cloning Debate.doc

Cloning Debate Rubric.doc

debate judge scorecard.doc

Merrily Robinson:

Retiring Rich Project


Amanda Berger:

The premise of the project is for the students to research what type of jobs are available to them right based on their current qualifications, and then where they want to be some day. For the first part of the project, the students find a job that is available to them right now based on their  current qualifications then calculate what they would get paid an hour/week/year. For the next part of the project the students then research their dream job and calculate what they would get paid an hour/week/year. For both parts of the project the students list the qualifications the are required the have as well as the specific job duties then make a contrasting poster with their dream job on one side and their 'now' job on the other side. After the presentations we hang the posters up.

Rubric:Where you are where your are heading.doc