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Choice Boards - This is a great website to find different types of choices boards that can be used in your class or lab.


Foldables - Examples of different types of foldables that can be used in your class or lab.


Vocabulary Guide - This is a vocabulary guide that can be used for Tiered Questioning.


Anchor Activities - Examples of different types of Anchor Activities that can be used in your class or lab.


Menus - Examples and resources to create menu activities for students. 


Webquests - Examples of different types of webquests ranging from different ability levels.


Quia Games and Resources - This is a search site that can be used to find lessons, resources, games, and activities on Quia created by other teachers. 


Movie Sheets - This website has movie sheets created for educational videos and movies at various ability and skill levels. 


Read Works - This website provides various reading selections with comprehension questions and activities. This is a great website to find reading resources at lower reading levels. 


Read Write Think -  Website has various lessons and activities at different skill levels. 


Differentiation Instruction Powerpoint 1


Differentiation Instruction Powerpoint 2 


Small Animal Care Choice Board


Health Care Technologies Choice Board


Carpentry Choice Board


Child Development Choice Board


Dare to Differentiate Website




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